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Sally's Take on Full Circle Health and Fitness

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Hello, lovely readers! Stepping into this shared venture with Sam, I was initially scratching my head, wondering if my experiences with health and fitness would even find a place here. Especially when, to be candid, my recent duel with the expanding waistline has had me more out of the gym than in it! But, inspired by Sam’s infectious energy, I’ve realized we’re all navigating our unique paths in this journey of well-being.

1.     Nurturing the Body at Different Ages:

From the lively and energetic days of my  own youth to the so-called wisdom of my mid-50s, staying active has been my anchor.  One thing remains clear – our bodies thrive on movement. Recent encounters with friends and family grappling with health challenges have been a stark reminder. I’ve transitioned from intense workouts to more calming swims and leisurely nature walks. Yet, the aim persists: a body well-tended, hoping it endures the test of time (and maybe, just maybe, sheds a pound or two!).

 2. Mental Well-being – More Than Just a Buzzword:

Yes, ‘journey’ is a tad cliché, but isn’t mental well-being all about the ups and downs? Juggling the roles of caregiver for mum, a sounding board for my young-adult children, and the sometimes-lonely silence of an empty nest have underscored the need for emotional resilience.

I’ve recognized the importance of strong mental health. It’s a dance of resilience, understanding, and personal growth.

 2.     The Role Reversal Dance:

This phase, where I’m caretaker to my aging parent, has crept up faster than I anticipated. And getting advice from my daughters? Talk about a plot twist! Through all this, I’ve been swamped with introspection. The most significant lesson? The need for adaptability, respect, and a sprinkle of grace. While I’ll always be my daughter’s mother and my own mother’s daughter, the roles might blur, but the mutual love remains unwavering.

3.     Embracing Different Fitness Philosophies:

Sam, with his rigorous gym routines, represents the fitness enthusiasm I once knew – well at least I think I did. I know for my certain that my husband knew that rush of endorphine release that a good gym workout brings – or should I say brought!

While Sam’s gym routines showcase the zest of his twenties, my serene strolls and dips in the pool echo a different rhythm. It’s been enlightening to see how our varied approaches all tie back to the essence of holistic health.

With Erik Erikson’s framework in mind, I’m dancing through “middle adulthood,” cherishing moments of nurture and growth, while Samuel shines in the “young adulthood” phase, with all its challenges and zest.

Summing Up

In essence, “Full-circle Health and Fitness” isn’t just about ticking off a checklist;  in relation to Sam and I it’s about embracing the ebb and flow of life’s stages. I believe “Full-circle Health and Fitness” is a testament to our shared yet varied experiences in pursuing a healthier, more contented life. And while the tools Sam and I use might vary, our shared vision is crystal clear: chasing a healthier, bubblier and more contented life by working toward healthier, heartier days.

Sam, I’ve set the ball rolling. What’s the word from your corner?




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