Fantastic Books That are Dedicated To Cars

Today, cars are not just a means of transportation. Many writers devote entire books to machines. In this article, we have collected fantastic books where the main character is not a man, but a car.

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Futuristic concept. Sports car on the background of glowing neon lines. Red neon laser. 3d Illustration.

Alexander Green, "Grey Car"

Alexander Grin wrote this thing in 1925 when the era of cars was just beginning. The image of the gray car haunts an inventor who is looking for a way to extend the life of a person in sculpture. He sees a car on the road, he meets it in a fashionable thriller. The car seems vaguely familiar to him as if coming from another, forgotten life. Also vaguely familiar is a beautiful young girl – she bears a striking resemblance to the inventor’s long-dead lover, whom he decided to recreate in a wax doll.

Richard Matheson, "Duel"

A man attends a business meeting when he is chased by an unidentified individual. He first does not comprehend what the driver of a sizable gasoline truck is expecting of him. He is persistently pursued by the vehicle, which either passes him or moves ahead. The truck turns out to be empty, and a massive soulless giant, like a dreadful fate in a Greek play, attempts to kill the protagonist after lunch at a wayside café. By the way, Steven Spielberg adapted this novel into a very faithful movie in 1971. If you are traveling by car, remember some useful tips and do not be afraid to get into a similar situation.

Stephen King, "Christina"

This novel is one of the most exciting stories about cars that have become full-fledged heroes of modern life. Strictly speaking though, the book was based on the short story “Vampire Car” (1962) by Czech writer Josef Nesvadba. The car has its name – Christina – and inspires Arnie to change his personal life. However, Stephen King would not be Stephen King if his novels were not so dramatic. Christina was filmed in the same year, 1983, which shows how successful the book was.

Arthur Hailey, "Wheels"

Arthur Hailey was already aware of the potential benefits that the growth of the automobile industry may have for humanity by the middle of the 20th century. His book “Wheels” depicts the struggles of social and racial injustice, the existence of an auto firm, and the scope of the societal changes brought about by the advancement of technology. The novel’s main topic is the vehicle, how this technological marvel will affect people, and what passions will erupt around those who can have “wheels,” even if it is no longer entirely fantastical – it is obvious that it repels reality in some manner.

In reality, the 21st century has brought significant changes to the automobile industry. Nowadays, everyone can easily go on vacation and rent a car wherever they are. For instance, leisure travelers can take advantage of car rental Abu Dhabi or any other place they are traveling to. 

Roger Zelazny, "The Last of the Wild One"

A hunter for wild cars Sam Murdoch devoted his whole life to destroying them. In his “death mobile”, the Scarlet Lady, he is chasing the dangerous auto-criminal Black Caddy. And he will have to go to battle with the last flock of wild ones. The cycle of stories by Roger Zelazny may seem somewhat unoriginal to the modern reader – with all this theme of the rise of the machines. However, one should not forget that Zelazny stood at the origins of this genre, in addition, the charm of his mystical and semi-detective stories never wanes.

Cars have become an integral part of our lives. In addition to books, there are many films about cars, and many people like to play racing games all day long. If you are also a car lover, we advise you to read the books from our selection.

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