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Book Review on Sara Pascoe’s Weirdo

Book Review of Sara Pascoe’s Weirdo Sara Pascoe’s Weirdo presents a captivating exploration of contemporary fiction, resonating particularly with younger readers through its fresh, accessible style and relatable themes. Initially hesitant about delving into literature seemingly geared towards a younger demographic, I found Pascoe’s novel to be a delightful surprise, offering a blend of humour […]

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Book Review of I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

Book Review Of I Am Pilgrim By Terry Hayes I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes is a gripping and intricately woven thriller that takes readers on a rollercoaster ride through the complex world of espionage, terrorism, and international intrigue. The novel follows the enigmatic and highly skilled intelligence operative known only as Pilgrim as he […]

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Book Review of Zadie Smith’s The Fraud

Book Review of Zadie Smith’s The Fraud The Fraud by Zadie Smith is a mind-bending journey that left me both impressed and perplexed. Smith’s exploration of historical fiction, where real and fictional characters coexist, adds an extra layer of complexity to the narrative. The central character, William Ainsworth, a forgotten writer contemporary to Charles Dickens, […]

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Book Review Of The Intoxicating Mr Lavelle By Neil Blackmore

Book Review of The Intoxicating Mr Lavelle By Neil Blackmore The Intoxicating Mr Lavelle by Neil Blackmore is a captivating read that effortlessly blends elements of love, tragedy, and philosophical reflection. Neil Blackmore weaves a tale set in the 1700s, a time when societal norms were rigid, and the Grand Tour of Europe served as […]

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Exploring the Richness of Intergenerational Friendships

Exploring The Richness Of Intergenerational Friendships I’ve always found a natural connection with people older than myself. Thinking back to years ago, as a newly qualified teacher, the invaluable advice from experienced colleagues and the camaraderie we shared were immensely enriching. Watching them do their family thing and being all content in their comfy houses […]

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