Fantastic Books That are Dedicated to Cars

Today, a car is not just a means of transportation. Many writers devote entire books to machines. In this article, we have collected fantastic books where the main character is not a man, but a car.

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Fun Day out at Kirton Off Road Centre

I’m just reflecting on the week that was, and I would have to say the highlight was a trip to the local quarry where I got to experience off-road driving for the first time. My good pal John was a founding member of the off-road driving group who regularly meets there and has been enticing me over with the promise of a buzz not to be forgotten – the likes of which a thrill-seeker like myself frequently needs to experience.

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Book Review of A Dutiful Boy By Mohsin Zaidi

A Dutiful Boy by Mohsin Zaidi is a touching memoir exploring the intersection of identity, culture, and resilience. Mohsin, a barrister and writer, takes us on an emotional journey through his life as a gay Muslim growing up in a conservative Pakistani family in East London.

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Rediscovering Blogging and Its Impact on Mental Health

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you might have noticed that it’s been a while since I shared anything personal. Life has a way of challenging us, and like many, in the past I’d been only inclined to share the highlights rather than the lows. However, I’ve come to understand that there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging that we’ve faced tough times. So, here I am, finding my way back to my interests, joining new book clubs, dusting off my digital pen, and diving back into my blogging journey.

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