Embracing Fresh Beginnings: Rediscovering Blogging and Its Impact on Mental Health

Me and my lovely dad.

Hello Everyone

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you might have noticed that it’s been a while since I shared anything personal. Life has a way of challenging us, and like many, in the past I’d been only inclined to share the highlights rather than the lows. However, I’ve come to understand that there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging that we’ve faced tough times. So, here I am, finding my way back to my interests, joining new book clubs, dusting off my digital pen, and diving back into my blogging journey.



The start of 2021 brought the heartbreaking loss of my dear dad. His absence is deeply felt, yet the memories of his kindness and mischievous humour makes us smile. Mick Smith

 Back in 2020, Mick made his return from Bangkok as we realised our parents needed us both closer. Also, it wasn’t good for us to be apart. Adapting to life in the UK again and carving out a new career path has been journey for Mick as well – though he hates the word journey. Now in his new role with COBIS, he’s found a renewed purpose and I’m hoping to relish  the benefits of payday, sometime soon!

  With everything going on, life threw in a few more curveballs – a house move and my lovely, yet poorly, mum moving in with us. Quite a whirlwind of emotions, to say the least!

Trying to find my footing amidst all these changes, I’ve dipped my toes into various freelance roles I’ve found on LinkedIn and have taken up the mantle of editor for Keeping abreast of library developments, writing a regular column for International Teacher’s Magazine and delivering webinars have also been a source of motivation.  Given our new living arrangement, physically venturing out to work as before is not feasible, but that’s okay – it’s led me back to this blog, now sporting a fresh new look! Hope you like it!


Life’s unexpected detours led me to a crucial realisation: blogging, my once leisure pursuit, is much more than just a hobby. As I navigate my way back into this world, let me share with you the reasons why blogging is incredibly beneficial for mental health and why nurturing our interests is vital.


A Canvas for My Thoughts

Writing offers a sanctuary when your mind feels like a whirlwind. Blogging provides an avenue to unload swirling thoughts and feelings, giving my mind some breathing space. It’s a bit like mindfulness but with a keyboard.


A Victory, No Matter How Small

Blogging provides a sense of accomplishment. Setting and achieving small goals, like finishing a blog post or replying to all comments, no matter how small they may seem, brings a feeling of fulfilment. And who doesn’t enjoy ticking things off a list?


Building Connections Beyond the Screen

The sense of community offered by blogging is unique. It helps you connect with a world far beyond your own, sharing life experiences, and reminding us that we are not alone.


A Chance for Reflection

Blogging encourages mindfulness. It urges you to be present, understand, and articulate your feelings, offering an effective way to reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing.


A Journey of Personal Growth

Blogging opens doors to personal growth. You learn as you write, diving deep into research, receiving feedback from readers, and gaining knowledge from other blogs. It’s a constant journey of learning and self-improvement.


Our interests play a crucial role in maintaining balance in life, more so when life becomes a rollercoaster ride:


The Happy Pill: Pursuing Interests

Doing something you love lights up your brain, releasing dopamine, the happy hormone. It’s the best anti-stress remedy out there!


Shaping Identity

Interests shape our identity. They’re part of who we are. Pursuing them leads to better self-understanding and self-worth.


A Welcome Escape

Our hobbies provide an escape from reality. They offer a distraction, a safe haven from the stresses of life, playing a vital role in maintaining mental health.


Building a Social Circle

Interests help make connections, find like-minded people, and form supportive communities. These connections are invaluable to mental health. For me, as you know, I love sharing my book posts.



Dusting off my keyboard and find my blogging voice again, is making me smile; I have a feeling I’ll be back on here a lot. Here’s a shout-out to all of us, navigating our lives one day at a time. Let’s remember, every setback is a setup for a comeback. So, keep doing what you love because it’s not just good for your soul, but also for your mental health too. Even if that sounds a bit cringy!


Until next time, stay strong, stay happy, and keep following your passions. ‘Justsayinghashtag!’


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