Fun Day Out At Kirton Off Road Centre

My good friend John for a great Off Road Driving Experience
Thanks to my good friend John for a great Off Road Driving Experience

I’m just reflecting on the week that was, and I would have to say the highlight was a trip to the local quarry where I got to experience at Kirton off-road Centre driving for the first time. My good pal John was a founding member of the off-road driving group who regularly meets there and has been enticing me over with the promise of a buzz not to be forgotten – the likes of which a thrill-seeker like myself frequently needs to experience.

John warned me that I’d get dirty and to wear old clothes. I met him halfway, but didn’t quite appreciate how dirty I’d get. However, no matter, clothes wash and boots – well, the boots were quite old anyway.

Off road driving is not a clean experience!
Off road driving is not a clean experience!

John started me off gently with a steady ride in his Freelander over the less treacherous sections of the quarry. He didn’t warn me that he only had one windscreen wiper and that I might not be overly aware of the terrain we were traversing. John was right, and unfortunately, I didn’t see a very large rock that the Freelander’s steering tie rod got into a major quarrel with. However, we didn’t let that stop us from having lots of fun! John took me up steeper slopes, through bumpier tracks, and angled potholes of humongous proportions. John let me have a go at driving myself, and if I say so myself, I didn’t let myself down. Well, I only stalled a few times.

Glyn – King of Time Trials at Kirton Off-Road Centre
Glyn – King of Time Trials at Kirton Off-Road Centre

The highlight of the afternoon was after we’d been watching the regulars in their Land Rovers, other 4x4s, and Specials, completing speed trials around a marked track. Lots of laughs, cheers, and walkie-talkie messages while the adjudicators discussed whether the person, Glyn, who’d designed the course, could still win the time trial. It was decided he probably could.

I was then thrilled that John asked Glyn if he’d take me for a drive around the course. Strapped in with a double seatbelt, arms crossed over my chest, and warned about roll barriers, I quite possibly felt the coolest a 55-year-old middle-aged woman has ever felt.


It’s easy to get stuck!
It’s easy to get stuck!

Although I was a complete outsider and a misfit, I felt strangely at home amongst the crowd gathered at the quarry. The boiler suit-wearing, Swarfega-smelling mechanic figures of old Colin and little Colin reminded me somehow of my dear old dad who would have been right at home at the centre. I was also very pleased to meet Barry and Annette in the office, Welsh Steve, and Geordie John, to name but a few. They were all such a welcoming and friendly crowd. I guess they didn’t know how impulsive I can be. There was an off-road vehicle for sale there, no Sally! I am looking to buy a new car, but not an off road quarry driving truck. However, having said that, it has really made me determined to keep trying new things.

Reasons to Try Something New

  1. Discovering Your Passion and Power: It is so easy to get into a rut, and trying new things helps uncover true passions and strengths. I never thought I’d be off-road driving in a local quarry, but I found stepping out of my comfort zone really lit me up.
  2. Creating Lasting Memories: New experiences create exciting memories that add color and excitement to my life. Having spent a lot of time with my lovely mum, I know how important memories are. The memories I am creating now are the stories I’ll be sharing for years to come.
  3. Boosting Confidence and Overcoming Fears: Embracing new experiences, such as this quarry driving, really boosted my confidence. I think pushing myself and realizing I could do something new was huge.
  4. Stimulating Creativity and Curiosity: Trying new things sparks creativity and curiosity. It opens our minds to fresh ideas and perspectives. I think continual learning is so important.
  5. Expanding Our Social Circle: I loved meeting the drivers and organizers at the quarry. They ar e people I’d never normally bump into. Trying new activities introduces us to new people and makes us more sociable than we realized we could be. It’s a great way to meet like-minded individuals and build new connections.
  6. Adding Excitement to Life: Trying something new breaks the monotony of daily routines and brings excitement. I like excitement! It’s all about finding adventure and bringing more happiness into your world. This doesn’t have to be something dangerous. I’m also a big fan of crafting, but that’s a story for another time.
  7. Personal Growth and Learning: Learning is key. And embracing new experiences leads to personal growth and personal development.

I had a wonderful time at the quarry and welcomed making new connections and trying something new. I can’t thank my pal John enough for letting me tag along. I thought I would be more out of my comfort zone than I was. So thanks again to all the guys and gals for a great day. Watch out, I’ll be back before you know it!

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