Book Review of Dolly Alderton's Ghosts

I had no idea what 'ghosting' meant until I read Dolly Alderton's Ghosts!

Dolly Alderton’s¬†Ghosts¬†follows the thirty second year of its main character Nina and explores the relationships that she has with her friends, parents and boyfriend Max. As such it is ambitious in scope and presents a realistic portrayal of significant points in life. From exploring issues of having children, to managing careers, to coping with middle age and caring for elderly parents there is something that most readers can relate to.¬†

Presented as a first person narrative the style is straightforward and the text could almost be a ‘real life’ diary. As such, it reminded me of a slightly more serious Bridget Jones type narrative, Striving for and attaining good mental health is a theme that is never far from the surface and we watch Nina navigate the disappointments and upsets of life as she ultimately strives to achieve an equilibrium and sense of peace.

Nina presents as a likeable, but flawed woman finding her way in a modern world. Young readers would probably laugh at my minimal understanding of ‘Ghosting’ before reading the book but Nina experiences it first hand and copes well. Alderton explores and examines online dating and its pros and cons with aplomb. For a mature reader like myself this is eye-opening.

Dolly Alderton’s¬†Ghosts¬†presentation of dementia and Nina’s growing awareness of the loss of her father (as she had known him) as being the true tragedy in her life is moving to read. It is the struggle that Nina’s Mum has in managing the loss of her husband to dementia that was the most powerful aspect of the book for me.¬†

Dolly Alderton’s¬†Ghosts¬†is a book that different generations of the same family could enjoy and come together to chat over. As a writer I imagine Alderton growing in sophistication and going from strength to strength.¬†¬†

Book Discussion Questions on Dolly Alderton's Ghosts

Lola is something of an expert in judging online dating profiles and the etiquette of online dating. To what extent did you agree with Lola’s observations?¬†

Which of Nina’s friends did you have the most respect for and why? Which of Nina’s friends did you have the least respect for and why?¬†

Nina’s mum changes her name to Mandy at a time that her husband is struggling to maintain a grasp of his own reality. How much sympathy do you have for Mandy? To what extent do you think she is a good wife and/or mother?¬†

Explore Nina’s relationship with Angelo. Particularly in the early days of their relationship who was at fault and why?¬†

Max and Jethro both ultimately let down Nina and Lola. Discuss the extent to which they should be blamed for their actions? 

Who is the most naive character in the book and why?

How effective is Dolly Alderton’s portrayal of dementia in the novel?¬†

Nina initally loves her flat with its artex ceilings and general need for decoration. Discuss how satisfied you think Nina is with her life? 

Nina retains a very close relationship with her ex Joe and even acts as an usher at his wedding to Lucy. Did you find the portrayal of their friendship realistic? Why or why not? 

Who is your favourite character in Dolly Alderton’s¬†Ghosts¬†and why?¬†

If Ghosts was being made into a film who would you cast as the main characters? 

Ghosts is a very contemporary book and includes many references to current day use of technology and explores contemporary views regarding feminism, parenthood, mental health etc. Do you think Ghosts will stand the test of time? Why or why not? 

Dolly Alderton writes about contemporary social and personal issues that affect all age groups in our modern world

Book Club Questions on Dolly Alderton's Ghosts (If you haven't read the book!)

What is your experience of online dating? Discuss whether you think it is an effective style of dating.

In Ghosts Nina has a prickly relationship with her mother and for much of the text seems to have little sympathy for her. Discuss mother/daughter relationships and what can cause friction in them.

In¬†Ghosts¬†Nina’s father has dementia and as his cognitive abilities decline increasingly wants the comfort of his deceased mother. Share any personal experiences that you have of managing dementia.¬†

In Ghosts Nina is twice ‘ghosted’ by Max. If a lover ‘ghosted’ you do you think you would be prepared to reignite the relationship and try again.

Nina copes with rejection in Ghosts by sleeping with a neighbour. What is your view of getting over one relationship by embarking on another? 

As a genre¬†Ghosts¬†is very much an example of ‘realism’. What type of fiction do you most enjoy and why?¬†

Dolly Alderton is an author who has a previous career as journalist, podcaster and influencer. Do you judge novels written by ‘celebrities’ in a different way to those written by established authors?¬†

Personal Response to Dolly Alderton's Ghosts

It took me a while to get into Dolly Alderton’s Ghosts as the characters felt too young for me to be really interested in what happened to them. Of course, the only person that reflects on and reflects on badly is myself. A good book can be compelling to read and invite empathy and interest regardless of whether those featuring in it are relatable to the reader. Once I overcame my own prejudices I found Dolly Alderton’s Ghosts well worth reading. It was a page-turner and provided plenty of food for thought for all age groups. I do think though it would particularly appeal to twenty and thirty-something readers.

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