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Strategies for Mood Improvement

Feeling grateful improves mood a lot. I love these flowers sent by more thoughtful friends.

Feeling Cranky – I need strateies for mood improvement.
I don’t know why but I’ve been feeling a bit cranky for the last couple of days; nothing major just low-level grumpiness. It’s the type of crankiness that makes me feel annoyed with everyone whether they’ve done anything irritating or not.  ‘Yep, rational right!?’  It’s the type of grouchiness which means that instead of smiling and clicking the like symbol on innocuous selfies on Facebook, I am likely to fume with resentment at the portrayal of fake perfect lives “They’ll be bragging about having lunch with the Dalai Lama, or at the very least Nigella in their next post.” It’s the type of grumpiness where if Annie, Betsy and Mick were with me right now they’d be exchanging secret ‘don’t annoy your mother’ glances, as they make sure that the washing up has been done and  the towels picked up from bedroom floors. The type of crotchetyness (sp) when Mick retreats to the gym or goes out on his bike, knowing that he can neither say nor do anything right!
I’m not a particular fan of my grumpy self, (it doesn’t help or change anything) so this morning, after allowing myself to indulge it for a couple of days, I have given myself a stern talking to. It is time to try and switch that half empty glass of water  I keep next to my bed into a half full one.

Take pleasure from the little things. Seriously, this small little weed busting garden tool thrilled me yesterday - ok, perhaps I need to get out more!

Tips for Not Being Cranky and Grumpy

How to Stop Being Cranky

  • Stop Procrastinating.  There’s nothing feels better (I think) than ticking off a job well done. I’ve been moaning about my postage stamp sized garden all week, but this morning I got the hoe out and weeded it.
  • Appreciate your surroundings. My garden might be little and I know nothing about plants, but every time I’ve looked out of my conservatory window today I’ve admired how tidy it is. A small thing but it has liftend my spirits.
  • Be Grateful. I’ve blogged before about my grateful list. Each night I write down five things to be thankful for. It sounds corny, but I think it really helps keep me grounded and helps me remember what matters.
  • Be Active. For the first time in absolutely ages I went swimming this evening. I only did one km, but I’m ‘back on it’ now. Endorphines, welcome back!
  • Fake it to Make it. I find that acting cheerful makes me cheerful. I don’t know why but it does.
Yep, I know any proper gardeners would question why on earth I am posting this pic, but they didn't see it before the weeding commenced.. I'm quite proud!

How to Stop Being Grumpy

  • Own the Crankiness. Quite often crankiness is just the outward manifestation of  stressful‘ other stuff’. With this in mind don’t give yourself a hard time and instead treat yourself, even if just to a slice of cake and cup of tea! Or, perhaps time for a bit of online Amazon shopping!
  • Seek Support. Sometimes talking to strangers is easier than friends, in fact sometimes its friends that are causing the grumpiness (though not in my case!). If they can’t help why not seek support from wherever it’s available: facebook groups, health workers, books, you name it, use it!
  • Write it Down. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, writing niggles down really helps me put things in perspective. After a good old ‘moan to self’ in 99% of cases the grouchiness dissipates and if it doesn’t then it is a good indicator to act on what is bothering you.
  • Read a Book. Escapism. Works every time!
  • Know that Tomorrow’s Another Day. I know that sounds flippant, but going to bed with a mindset of being positive the next day, in my case armed with a ‘list’ of things to achieve really does work.
  • Show someone else you Care. Reminding someone else how much they mean to you is a sure way to cheer yourself up. So Saint Mick of Thana, did I tell you that you’re a blooming superstar!

Reflecting on Being Cheerful

So they are my tips for being less cranky and grumpy. If they don’t work then I guess it is necessary to dig a bit deeper in order to deal with the underlying causes, but it’s definitely worth giving a try. If nothing else you’ll get a few jobs ticked off and be reminded of reasons to be cheerful.  

What do you do when you’re in a crotchety mood? 

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