Good Friendships

To which good friendship do I refer?

I met a dear friend for lunch the other day. This particular friend has made something of a sport of ‘winding me up’. At least that’s what he thinks he is doing. Not so, I just like to humour him by pretending to be cross. (Well most of the time anyway!)

I do wonder how many of his ‘wind up’ comments are said solely to annoy me! If unintentional, the poor man probably spends half his life, when in my company, stepping on egg shells! He did confide to Saint Mick the other day that he is a bit unsure what he is allowed to say in front or to me for fear of being politically incorrect! No doubt he used a phrase like “politically correct nonsense!”

Opposites that Attract

They say that opposites attract!

He is is a good few years older than me, so maybe is less enlightened than I. (The irony of that ageist comment has not gone unnoticed.) During our lunch I clearly recall him saying the following:

  • ‘I twitch with all this leftie nonsense.” It’s true to say he is more Gove the Benn.
  • “He had a bossy wife who wouldn’t use his name.” This was stated pejoratively even though my name is Sally Flint, my husband’s name is Michael Smith.
  • “You can get a little one.” This was referring to the possibility of a second family car. Does ‘the man’ not remember I own a Porsche Boxster (S) in the UK?!
  • And just to add insult to injury he referred at least twice to my northern pronunciation of the ‘u’ sound in the words Hull and truck, as a negative!

It seems then quite bizarre that not only are we friends, but that I am, on the quiet, quite fond of him!

At first it seems like the old adage that ‘opposites attract’ must be true. However, maybe it isn’t just that. During our lunch I was reminded of his kindness and generosity; he asked after our girls and seemed genuinely interested in how they are getting on. (I’m not good at asking about other people’s children and tend to only remember that it would be nice to ask after them once the conversation has ended!) He was gentlemanly, offering me the nicest seat at the table and he was funny, engaging and entertaining making witty banter with the waiter. In addition he was self-effacing and modest when talking about his own life events. Perhaps what swings the pendulum in favour of our friendship is that like me, he is a fan of Saint Mick of Thana! Maybe we are not so ‘opposite after all! Despite his “Un-PC-ness” he is a great guy and has a ‘heart of gold’.

Having the Last Word!

I did seek my friend’s permission about writing this post (though I haven’t shown him it) and suggested I might use the title “Friendship – It’s Never Black and White.” True to form he was quick to try to wind me up as he picked me up on my, (arguably!) politically incorrect use of language!

Touche David!

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