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Getting Ready for Exam Results

We are getting ready for the big 'exam results' day!

As a family we are going up to Edinburgh at the weekend. Saturday is also the day that Betsy is due to get her IB results – yikes! We need to get ready for whatever results may arrive – good or bad! We’ve been saying we will need to be somewhere with good internet access and phone reception, both for receiving the results and completing any follow up emailing or phoning regarding university places.

This is probably going to sound a bit daft, but I genuinely have just revisited my own book (co-written with Lorraine Illing and illustrated by NokIsMe), giving advice for parents surviving the IB. I needed to find out what to do both in the positive situation that the results are what Betsy hopes for, or in the (fingers crossed this won’t happen) sticky situtation if they are not.

NEXT STEPS in preparing for exam results and beyond ...

It is hard to believe that it is two years since Annie went through the IB and Betsy completed her IGCSEs, yet here we are again. Annie has already had her results for her second year at UCL, and all good there (well done Anniepops!), but I can’t pretend I’m not nervous about Betsy’s IB. It’s a gruelling course, entailing studying six subjects along with completing Community, Action and Service based activities and doing a 4000 word Extended Essay plus some Theory of Knowledge learning too – great preparation for uni but a blooming challenge and no mistake!

Our guide is for sale on Amazon at six pounds ninety nine. Or message me or put a comment and I can send you a copy. Frustratingly, paypal have said that they have an error, their end, linking to my account, putting my store page temporarily out of action. Apologies for that.

Tips for Preparing your Child for University

Anyway, I’ve decided to focus on the positive in this post. If you’ve not been through the IB before, (and I’m pretty confident A levels are similar) these might be useful tips for next steps in preparing your kids for univesity. 

University Placements
In the next few days, check out the process for accepting university places. If your child’s results are available online, eg at the IBO website, make sure that they know their username and password and what time they are available. Don’t panic if the site goes down, there will be massive demand on the server so you might need to wait a bit for them. Have the correct info to hand for applying to university and accessing school support. This is especially important if, like us, you are not going to be at home. 

Check your Correspondence
Once your offspring has accepted a uni offer make sure that they keep up with the correspondence from them. It is easy to neglect emails in the summer. Be careful not to as you can miss out on important information such as accommodation offers, health care information, activities and insurance.

With the accommodation Annie was contacted by university catering and accommodation departments to make or confirm choices about the type of room and the catering options they offer. If this doesn’t happen then don’t wait too long before contacting the university accommodation department yourself. Worldwide, first year students and particularly international students are given priority for accommodation on campus or in the city near the study areas. I’d recommend finding out when registration for accommodation opens as for some universities it is distributed on a first-come first-serve basis.

Getting Involved
It is likely that your child will be given loads of info about things s/he can join. I’d encourage signing up now and engaging in uni social media groups. Your child will probably be invited to join the Student Union facebook page which will have lots of information about Freshers’ Week and upcoming events. 

Health Care Provision
When Annie went to uni getting signed up at a Health Centre was a pain, so once you have a place it might be worth getting this done early, or at least setting the wheels in motion. It’s also worth checking any vaccine requirements the university stipulates.

If your child does super well then they might be eligible to apply for a scholarship. If you receive good news on ‘exam results day’ then be sure to double check for this perk, as that would be lovely. 

Blimey, writing all that, has just made me nervous all over again about the results.  The kids put so much pressure on themselves, these days, that probably the biggest tip of all is to make sure that whatever happens, your child is reassured that if the results aren’t quite what they’d hoped for then it isn’t the end of the world. Of course, we want our kids to do well, especially if they’ve bust a gut to do so, but at the end of the day, life will go on. There’s no way, in my view, that young people should feel defined by their school exam results. Gosh that sounded quite sincere for me. Time for a reality check – looking around our living room Annie is lying on the sofa wearing Christmas pyjamas, nagging her dad to set up his new scalextric set. I’m thinking that a bike (to enable healthy living) might have been a better present and am a tad regretful of my rashness re the purchase of aforementioned scalextric!  Betsy, on the other hand, is in trouble for using bad language whilst watching Love Island! The nerves have abated and normal service resumes.

(I’ve just re-read this post, some weeks after I first wrote it. Since then I’ve had the privilege of reading the this  post by Katrina  about the sad loss of her child to trisomy 13. It was humbling to read and provided perspective. Do take a look at her website if you have a moment.) 

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