Comparing the Old and Young

Image drawn by Terry Cooper, who is the illustrator of my new picture book out in October.

This week I’ve been blogging a bit about working in the same school as my husband and kids. My dad also recently spent a week in respite care. I have since learned more about the option of staying at home with care offered around the clock. I hadn’t realised that was really an affordable option at the time, so we didn’t go out that route. However, there are now so many companies such as care for family : a care company based in Australia, that offer care at home! Anyway, with one thing and another, I’ve had institutions on my mind. In future I’d be curious to find out about care This has got me thinking about the similarities between care homes and schools! Hopefully the comments below will make you laugh. 

Dad had some laughs in the care home but we are happy to have him back at home. 🙂

Similarities between care homes and schools!

  • They are both full of cheeky chappies who, when feeling well, can charm or cheek the carers/teachers to the twelfth degree. I am pleased to report that all the staff said my own dad was a ‘gentleman’. He certainly is.
  • The residents/students all start out the day clean and end it with various stains and spills on their shirts and trousers. 
  • Canteen food. Whilst it is well prepared and varied, it isn’t the same as home cooking and gets mixed receptions by residents and students. 
  • Some residents/students are better at following the rules than others. 
  • The teachers/carers have ‘Patience’ for a middle name.
  • Extra chocolate, cake and other treats are always a welcome diversion from the regular humdrum. 
  • Sometimes an hour can seem like eternity for a student/resident. 
  • On other occasions time can whip by in the blink of an eye. 
  • There always seems to be someone misbehaving in the corner of the room. In both cases the culprit’s behaviour can often be excused because of extenuating circumstances. 
  • Everyone has a need to be liked.
  • Some teachers/carers have that special something that lights up a room. Some don’t!
For us the idea of dad spending a week in respite care was in part to give mum a break from caring for my dad 24/7, (she wasn’t at all keen.) We thought it might facilitate her getting some quality sleep; In addition we wanted to provide the opportunity for dad to build up his leg strength and improve his mobility. My mum and dad both saw the logic of the plan but were not completely confident it was a good one. As always my folks were probably right – the respite week wasn’t completely successful! My mum and dad both missed and worried about each other (despite mum visiting every day) so couldn’t rest ther minds. To make matters worse dad has come home a bit below par having caught some kind of flu bug! That brings me to my final similarity between care homes and schools. It is important to be prepared for old age though and consider all the options as this article illustrates. 

  • Whilst others might think they are good for you, being at home is always the preferred choice! 
It’s good to have you home dad. 
Mick taking Dad for a drive in his landrover earlier this summer. (When I was a kid I thought he had built the Humber Bridge 'all by himself'!) I shouldn't tell Mick that dad said Lazarus was a bit 'basic!'
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