Sally Flint

Ways of Feeling Good

I was heading down to my car in the lift today from our apartment, and a baby, (maybe about 8 months), with an entourage of adoring family members, was also in the lift. S/he however ignored them and stared at me with the piercing stare and undivided attention that only a baby can give. It made me smile and was good for the soul. It made me feel good. I continued on my way (to the shops, as it happens) and when I arrived saw some other little kids laughing and shouting as they played in some artificial sprinklers. Also good for the soul. As I wandered round, killing time really, whilst Betsy revised with her friends in a coffee shop, (that’s her story and she’s sticking to it!)¬† I thought about other things that make me happy and leaves me feeling good.¬† In no particular order here’s my list. What’s on yours?
  • Other people’s children doing cute stuff.¬†
  • Being pleased by a successful¬† hair cut.
  • That my children are resilient enough to handle setbacks, but gentle and sensitive enough to be hurt.
  • Reading a good book.
  • Friends who ‘get it’.
  • Talking about a favourite book with someone else who loves it.¬†
  • Mickey blue eyes. (Even though he has just cajoled me into buying a landrover, with some nonsense about it being ‘meant to be’, just because it was made the year we got married!)¬†
  • Kind gestures.
  • Knowing how strong my mum is. (I don’t mean weightlifter type strong).
  • My dad’s sense of humour and, of late, exceptional punning skills.
  • Swimming whilst listening to a good podcast (eg Fi Glover and Jane Garvey’s Fortunately).¬†
  • My piano in the UK.
  • English Fish and chips.
  • Watching¬†Loose Women, when they show vulnerability¬†and I can talk to the panel on the tv (though this seems to annoy other family members – I dont’ know why.¬†
  • Thai pad thai noodles.
  • Nice neighbours.
  • Rainbows
  • Young people’s positivity. I’m an outed fan of millenials.
  • Listening to the New Zealand Prime Minister,¬†Jacinda Ardern,¬†speak so well.
  • Going to¬†Whitby.
  • The view from my Bangkok balcony.¬†
Have a great Monday everyone. 
Sunset view from our home at T!hana
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