Anyone who knows me will be aware that I’ve spent the last couple of years really trying to have a positive growth mindset. I’ve aimed to be more zen-like than a Buddhist monk and I have a ‘gratitude’ list that spans from here (Bangkok) to Land’s End. However, today I need to vent. So in no particular order and with no further ado these are things that annoy me:

Reasons to Complain

  • Busy Bangkok traffic which made me late (again) when I went to the chiropractors yesterday.
  • Sat Navs that don’t predict journey time well and take you on weird routes making you late.
  • Water Wasters. For this reason I’m afraid the Thai style of washing up, which involves the constant running of water, really irritates me, though I do accept it is more hygienic than the UK style of filling a bowl with soapy water. Sorry Thai friends.
  • Drip drying dishes. Lazy. Though as above it is, I suspect, a more hygienic approach to crockery maintenance than using a wet tea-towel.
  • Rejection. Why has no one knocked on my door to publish my latest story? I must share it soon! And why hasn’t anyone come head-hunting me for the perfect free-lance job? I’ve got so much to offer but nobody knows it!!
  • Inability to ask for advice. Sexist comment alert – I think men are worse than women for this.
  • Over 50s Life Cover Ads that pop up all over the place.
  • People who understand Google SEO Rankings.
  • Facebook users who posit a perfect lifestyle.
  • Hoarding. If you don’t need it recycle it. (#JustsayingBetsy!)
  • Avoiders. Even when you’re having a bad day you can say hello. Yes, I know I’ve done a whole blog post on being an avoider myself.
  • Toxicity and blamers.
  • Politicians – anyone linked to Brexit, but basically the whole lot of them.
  • Social and Health Care provision for the elderly, which is rubbish.
  • Shoes that look amazing, cost a fortune but hurt like mad.
  • Exams. One test doesn’t fit all. Exams ironically undermine much that underpins educational values, yet we have to buy into them. Lecture over!
  • Social Media Influencers. Being an influencer is not a new thing, (Hitler was an influencer and look at him!) it’s just that it’s now online and makes you rich.
  • People, on Come Dine with Me, who hold their fork in their right hands. Come on at least have good manners when on telly.
  • Procrastinators. Well procrastinating is ok, but not if you then moan about what hasn’t been done.
  • Thai restuarants who serve the rice after all the other dishes have been eaten.
  • The fact that carbs and chocolate allegedly make you fat.
  • Articles about being a ‘carer’ that say ‘as a carer, be sure to take care of yourself first.’ How?!
  • Moaners, Whingers and Groaners (not me obvs!)

I bet you are expecting a counter list of positivity and sunshine aren’t you. Well I’m afraid it isn’t forthcoming today. OK … I’ll try…
Things I like:
Irony. Get it?!

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