Positive Classroom and Library Environments

Displays are a very powerful tool in creating a positive classroom and library environment. We’re having an exciting time at work promoting the Antarctica 2041 Environment agreement. in our library and have certainly reaped the benefits of creating a positive environment. We have opted to turn our libraries into a mini-Antarctica! One of our lucky teachers and students are visiting in March and our whole school is behind them fund-raising and awareness raising about key environmental issues. I’m a firm believer in the power of displays!

Image from Bangkok Patana School

Why Classroom Environment is Important

Classroom environments are important for a whole host of reasons. Here are just a few why it is worth investing time into making a positive classroom, library or learning environment:

  • Positive classroom environments teach students that the whole community cares about their surroundings and encourages everyone to be attentive and mindful of creating an attractive environment. 
  • Excellent displays are wonderful motivational tools to motivate students to take interest in the topic that is currently being taught.
  • A great display is a great tool for advertising upcoming whole school initiatives, such as this environmental awareness raising display on the Antarctica.
  • Displays can be used to explore pastoral issues as well as curriculum issues. For example a large display board would enable a whole school awareness raising mission on well-being or LGBTQ rights.
  • Students can be involved in creating a positive learning environment through their involvement in interactive displays. This sense of ownership will encourage them to fully participate in the learning area being promoted.
  • Interactive displays can be created from visual learning activities, such as reading records, thus encouraging students to care about their presentation.
  • Interactive displays can be used to run competitions to promote learning.

Creating a Positive Environment is Worth the Effort

When creating a positive library environment displays certainly play their part. Of course, they are not as important as the children’s and teacher’s interactions, with one another, but creating a welcoming environment is important. Doing everything to make children feel welcome and loved in schools is key. Despite this, though displays matter. It is, of course, essential to frequently change displays so that they are current and relevant. There is nothing worse than displays simply being wall-paper, especially when it is tatty wallpaper! 

Sally Flint

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