The Value of Community and having Good Neighbours

Feeling Grateful

Today has been one of those days that I have felt really grateful for. The reason for this isn’t becasue a new (well 23 year old) Landrover, purchased from the extremely efficient, helpful team at¬†Landrover Centre Huddersfield¬†– whose cars are extremely good value for money and are actually an investment – (or so Mick tells me anyway),¬†
Neither is it because we are now proud owners of a King of all Kings Scalextric Set – opened as an early birthday present for the self-same Saint Mick (honestly, talk about it being a day of ‘toys’ for boys’ and yes, I know that is a sexist comment!)

No, it’s actually because Betsy and I had a really enjoyable afternoon with my mum and dad at our local Village Hall, enjoying the music of a popular local singer. Having a local community to be part of is incredibly important. We are so lucky to have good neighbours and friends in our local community.
Being part of the local community, watching Terry Carey entertain us.

Entertainment in the Local Community

This event¬† was organised by long time Broughton resident and member of the local community Ann Smith, after she had enjoyed a similar event in neighbouring village Waddingham. The singer was a man called¬†Terry Carey, who looked, I thought, somewhere between Jeremy Clarkson and Tom Jones. He had clearly enjoyed his own recent trip to Tenerife as he mentioned it more than once, (we weren’t at all jealous!), but had a great voice and was quick with a joke. He sang lots of golden oldies and got everyone hand tapping, singing along, with even a bit of dancing thrown in. It was great to see the local community coming together.

I think if we’re honest neither Betsy nor I were really sure if we’d enjoy the afternoon, but we really did. I was actually very proud of Bets. It’s not every teenager who’d go along with their grandparents to an event, where almost everyone else in attendance was at least 50 years older than themself. She didn’t just go, but she chatted, joined in and, would you believe it, even learned a bit of line-dancing. I just don’t know where that ‘changeling-child’ of ours gets it from. I did text her sister Annie the video clip below and got the response “OMG, you’d never get me up there!” That’s more how I’d respond too! There is no doubt that Betsy joins in to fun within her local community. I’m not sure if it is her¬†first home or second,¬†but she makes the most of being there.

The Values of Community

The whole thing got me thinking about my question earlier in the week about which is preferable – a¬†¬†sleepy village or bustling city? Well the village certainly wasn’t sleepy today and came out on top for several reasons:

Old friendships in a village are formed and literally last a life time. Many of the people in the centre today have known each other upwards of half a century. 

  • There is a level of ‘care’ in the local community and interest in one another’s well-being¬†that I haven’t experienced in cities. Good neighbours are often to be found.
  • New friendships. Today there were people visiting from Waddingham (friendships waiting to be made)¬†and¬†friends of my parents whom they’ve known a shorter time, but are supportive caring chums to have.
  • Events like this enable the village grapevine to keep everyone updated with local news and updates and find out how other villagers are getting on.
  • There is a real sense of community in Broughton. If you’re prepared to join in then there’s plenty to do. The village hall isn’t just used for visiting singers, but also for¬†a range of other activities, such as New Age Kurling, Pensioners’ Clubs, Zumba, Sensory play¬† and much more as¬†listed here.
  • Not that I’m a cheapskate – honest I’m not –¬† but today’s entertainment was great value for money. (Probably just as well considering the aforementioned Landrover and Scalextric set!)¬†Today I devoured delicious¬†cake, fruit loaf and lemon tarts as well as¬†having¬†a cup of coffee, not forgetting entertainment, all for¬†three pounds – a bargain!

The final icing on the cake, my dad won a¬† box of chocolates in the raffle too. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

We won a raffle prize!

Going Against the Grain

A last word, anyone who knows me well, and knows what an introvert I am, will think that they are in a parallel universe. I am not known for enjoying group events. and local community get-togethers are way out of my comfort zone. My blog post  on How to be an Avoider, proves this point only too well. I was in people’s bad books for weeks after I’d posted it! I guess it just goes to show what a yummy slice of cake, piece of fruit loaf, lemon tart and cup of coffee and some fun entertainment can do to a person! I think I really became part of the local community. Thanks to my good neighbours and friends.

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