Valentine's Day

Roses on Valentines Day!

And here’s why …

  • It is something Austen’s Wickham or Emma would celebrate. Misguided creatures.
  • If you innocently arrange an evening out with a friend, not realising it is Valentines day, people stare and surmise and make two and two equal five. 
  • It is not inclusive and too many of youngsters and oldsters self-esteem and self-worth and all round well-being may have taken a battering today, if Mr/Ms Valentine didn’t call.
  • It makes those with a broken heart maudlin and those with a new romance insufferable. This is particularly vomit inducing with so much media these days. 
  • It sucks you in and makes you form an opinion, very seldom formed on reason, but rather on your own level of Valentine’s success.
  • It is a commercial racket. I bet Amazon are making millions and they don’t even pay their taxes.
  • When your husband arrives home on Valentines day and crashes out with a headache, fast asleep within two seconds of entering the house and still wearing his shoes, it matters more. 
  • It is a day people celebrate without even knowing the origin of it. BBC newsround does explain it here so we don’t need to worry about the younger generation:
  • It reinforces gender stereotypes and promotes western culture above others.
  • It leaves some with broken hearts when their proposals are turned down on Valentine’s day.

Valentine's Day Gifts!

Did I celebrate Valentine’s day? No. 
Am I being dramatic because my only Valentine’s gift was a very woebegone rose, bought for me, at break, by my daughter at school. Maybe, though it was sweet of her (see, there I go buying in to the day). I need Valentine’s Day Gifts! 
Will I reconsider the value of Valentine’s Day if I suddenly am swamped with beautiful red roses? Definitely. 

But for now I’ll go curl up with Pride and Prejudice and fantasise about the lovely Mr Darcy. I bet he’d hate Valentine’s day too.

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