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A Parents’ Survival Guide to the IB

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A Parents’ Survival Guide to the IB’ is a light-hearted survival guide providing parents a great deal of common sense practical advice about how they can support their off-spring as they cope with the stresses and strains of Post-16 education. Addressing issues such as time management, organisation, friendship, and social issues, applying for universities and leaving home this really is an extremely useful handbook to have. Interspersed with humorous cartoons it is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of even the most stressed-out parents!


2 reviews for A Parents’ Survival Guide to the IB

  1. Elizabeth

    This is a great book. It is aimed at parents really, but I found as a student, it was super useful too.

  2. Peter Fritz

    It’s rare that I buy a book for my teenage kids to read, then INSIST they read it. This is one of only three. So, buy it, read it, and do what James tells you. I guarantee your life will thank you immediately.

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