The Board Game Algorithm

Hmmm... I like playing Scrabble so therefore I am not going to give up on being a successful writer one day just yet!

Yesterday I called a family meeting. The girls looked anxious! As a rule family meetings are reserved for fairly serious discussions and announcements, but this was just a quick ‘check in’ about how we are coping with having had living together (and apart from¬†Mick) forced upon us. The good news is we are doing pretty well and I am still enjyoing being my reprieve from being an¬†empty-nester.¬†The housekeeping jobs are being shared out, we are making a little ‘me’ time and we are pretty good humoured for most of the day. One of the suggestions that Betsy made was that maybe we could play a few board games to pass the time during the evenings. Not a bad idea at all! We all agreed that playing board games as a family is a fun thing to do. I immediately thought it would be fun to play Scrabble, Annie quite fancied Monopoly and Betsy thought Charades might be fun (not strictly a board game, but still a good idea).

This got me thinking about what I’m going to call ‘The Board Game Algorithm’. I’ve decided that the type of board game someone enjoyed playing as a child, not only reveals a lot about their personality, but can provide a sneak peek into the type of career they will eventually have. For those youngsters not yet working I guess it can work as something approaching a quiz for choosing a career. It may also, as a family, enable a deeper understanding as to why playing board games can lead to a little confrontation!¬†

Is it just me who hates Monopoly? And does Monopoly need a capital letter?

Which is the Best Board Game Ever?

Choose which is the best board game ever and learn about what your own favourite reveals about you. Finally, reflect on whether it influenced your career path!

Monopoly –¬†
If Monopoly is a favourite board game then you probably don’t shy away from confrontation and refuse to give up on your goals. You are a risk-taker and even when you find yourself in a dire situation you will still expect people to believe and put their blind trust in you. Your own confidence, occasionally bordering on arrogance, means that you underestimate others and expect them to follow your lead and sing to your tune. As a leader you are more Trump than Obama. You are likely to be successful in life, probably as a banker or perhaps you might work in the city. It is possible you have been bankrupt more than once and made big mistakes in life, (you have been known to ‘spit-the-dummy’). but you always bounce back.

Pictionary –¬†If you enjoy Pictionary then you think outside of the box and see solutions where others simply see brick walls. You are likely to be an architect and have probably won awards for ‘the best use of small spaces’ or¬† ‘most original design’. If you are an artist, you are more Picasso than Rembrandt. Your main weakness is that you are quite impatient and have been reprimanded in meetings for becoming overly jealous in expressing your viewpoint. Patience isn’t a strong point and if others don’t accept your ideas immediately you are quick to apportion blame and accuse them of lacking vision. Your special skills are finger-wagging and pointing.¬†

Scrabble –¬†If Scrabble is your favourite board game then you probably won’t read this as it won’t be high-brown enough for you. Let’s face it you are a little bit of a snob and status matters to you in your chosen sphere of employment. This is likely to be in the world of Arts and Culture where you will put a vaguely glamorous spin on whatever role you have. For example should you find yourself as a Saturday girl working in The Tate Souvenier shop then you will probably tell others that you are finding your inner artist with the likes of Liu Wei and Takashi Murakami as you spend the day selling postcards featuring their art. You will be a heart breaker as you woo and charm partners with poetic love letters and you will be lucky in love. Should you fail to score over 300 on too many consecutive games of Scrabble, you are likely to get your comeuppance and spend years teaching in a Secondary school, trying to convince resistant teenagers that reading is the cure to all their woes.¬†

Buckaroo РIf Buckaroo is your childhood favourite game then you probably attended and got thrown out of gymanstic class for innappropriate use of the hobby-horse. As an adult you are likely to be over qualified and could choose from careers as diverse as barrister to barista.. Despite this, the truth is that it is unlikely that you will easily settle into a particular career path as you are a flibbity gibbet. As soon as everything is in place for a settled existence, you are likely to become restless, up sticks and seek a new adventure. Despite being very intelligent your finances are likely to be precarious and you would break out in hives at anthing as dull as paying into a regular pension scheme. If you are lucky someone who enjoyed playing Operation as a child will fall in love with you and keep you safe and secure. 

Trivial Pursuit¬†– Not to be rude but if you enjoy Trival Pursit (and you’ve not the excuse that you’ve been drinking) then yoy may be a know-it-all who is not shy to share your opinion. As such you are likely to seek a career as a political commentator, journalist or perhaps a job in the Civil Service. In fact, was it you who I saw on the Andrew Marr show last week? Whilst there is no doubting your all round intelligence it is possible to spot an occasional chink in your armour. On occasion your absolute lack of knowledge about popular culture can cause you embarrassment. At this time your cheeks tend to go bright pink!

Operation¬†– The strange thing about you lovers of playing Operation, is that strangers tend to trust you implicitly. They view you as calm, steadfast and reliable. In fact, I’ve overheard people in the pub say that they would literally trust you with their life. Family and close friends tend to view you differently and know that the shaking of your hands is due to your tendency to drink a few too many gin and tonics on a Saturday night. Some of you will work in the medical profession, perhaps as doctors or anethetists. Others of you will become Counsellors and gain a full knowledge of the workings of the brain. The remainder will take the fairly uncoventional path of training as masseuses capable of curing many aches, pains and illnesses simply through a good foot massage.¬†For some reason, that hasn’t yet been determined, a large number of Fashion Designers from the 1980s used to play Operation as a child.¬†

Cluedo РExpected career paths for Cluedo lovers are detectives, barristers and politicians. You can spin a tale, provide evidence where there is none and send people down (both metaphorically and literally) with little more than a candlestick to light your way. Cluedo lovers can surprise you as many are also fantasists and like nothing more than to dress up and play a role. The need to show off is never far from the surface and many Cludeo lovers will have completed some kind of formal acting training or be keen players in the world of amateur dramatics. Cluedo lovers are known for being gossips; they have a foot in many doors and seem to be always searching out the action. They are pillars of the community, but beware as they harbour many secrets! 

BattleShips¬†– You don’t want to get on the wrong side of BattleShips players as they harbour grudges. It may not be today, or even next week, but eventually you will pay the price for having wronged a ‘Battler’. Their revenge is not impromptu but pre-meditated and ruthless. You might think that the prisons would be full of Battlers, but they don’t get caught. Whilst not prone to sentimental displays of affection. many ‘Battlers’ actually have warm tender hearts. They are likely to be strategists with solid careers in Computing and Software design. Should you marry a ‘Battler’ you need never worry about your long term financial security and be assured that your taxes will always be completed.¬†

Would I Lie to You¬†– Would I Lie to You is a relatively new board game so there hasn’t been much data collected on its players. Early signs do suggest, that fans of the game frequently find themselves ‘on the wrong side’ of the law. The worst of these crooks show themselves as scammers who would rob their own mothers. You will often hear Would I Lie to You lovers either on the landline telephone trying trick innocent people into sharing their bank account details. Would I Lie to You Lovers are known for rejecting the ‘middle ground’ in all aspects of life. They are likely to have either attended fancy private schools, like Eton, or not gone to school at all. Politcians are given an allowance to buy the Would I Lie to You game, when they first become MS, for training purposes. In fact, Jeffery Archer has recently endorsed this board game as a great past-time activity when in lockdown or when locked up.

Why not play a board game during this lockdown time. If you are home alone you can pehaps play online.

Testing the Board Games Algorithm

Although I am an avid believer in the scientific accuracy of my ‘Board Game Algorithm’ (just joking!) I have to hold my hands up the fact that it hasn’t been widely tested! Perhaps you can let me know if my ‘board game algorithm’ (which predicts your likely career path to match your board games preferences) has proven true for you? For any younger readers why not play a few board games to see what your future career path might be? At the very least, you’ll find some fun games to play when you are bored and be able to decide what you think is the best board game ever.  

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